Appeal to Donate and Work for UHO

The Covid-19 Pandemic exposed the opportunism of politicians, career scientists, bureaucrats, and the pharmaceutical industry as never before. Even the WHO, Center for Disease Control (CDC), USA, and national scientific bodies could not be trusted with the application of science in the best interest of the people.

The Universal Health Organization (UHO) was formed to respond to this sad state of affairs when science got suppressed due to politics and commercial interests. The aim of the UHO is to act as a watchdog to ensure transparency, empowerment and accountability. UHO has been carrying out this role in the following ways:

  • Through its website, containing articles, weekly newsletter, call for debates, counterviews and so on.
  • Dissemination of information by way of features and debates through our social media partners such as Qvive, Prakash TV and Unnati TV
  • The Lockdown and Covid Response Museum on the website highlighting the collateral harm due to the draconian pandemic interventions.
  • Reaching out to the medical fraternity and civic society by regular interactions in the form of Doctors-Dialogue Series on Qvive channel.
  • Creating a Coalition for Pandemic Preparedness for regular brainstorming on how to deal with future harsh measures by the state.
  • Staging public events such as conducted at Mumbai, Patna and Delhi with participation of national and international professionals and people.
  • As coalition partners to Awaken India Movement, Indian Bar Association, and other like minded organizations.

UHO aims to scale up these activities to reach maximum number of people across the country and internationally. Presently we are a skeletal organization with limited resources sustained by voluntary contribution by our members.

We require funds and resources to scale up and maintain our website, for office staff and public events. The donation will be through bank transaction and being a registered body the accounts will be audited.

We appeal to you to rise against the medical tyranny, by becoming an UHO member. The membership form is here. We also seek your active participation in our activities, to carry our work forward and help us grow. Thank you for your support.

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-- Universal Health Organisation (UHO), 15 Nov 2023

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