Write for UHO: Provide a view/counterview

The foundational pillars of UHO are: transparency, empowerment, and accountability. True to these principles, we invite views and counterviews and critiques of all links and articles on our website. You can also write your view/counterview on any existing news article or writeup or any document/video content. The guidelines for such views and counterviews are as follows.

  • The writing must use appropriate language, without personal abuse or attacks.
  • It must be as scientific as possible, supported by references, data, evidence, etc.
  • Please provide information about the author(s) of the counterview: names and affiliations.
  • All authors must provide a declaration of any conflicts of interest.
  • Note that the counterview itself could be subject to criticism under these same guidelines.
  • Provide your counterview by emailing your writeup to


The information & opinions uploaded on UHO website reflect the views of the individual authors & not of the UHO or its members. The views also do not represent those of the professional affiliation of the authors. As the ethos of UHO is to promote scientific debate, alternative views are triggers for discussion & are not endorsements.

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