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UHO Endorsements

S.No. Name Endorsed as Country Remarks
1 Gaurang R. Vora Medical practitioner India My best wishes to UHO. Hope UHO would strive to promote true knowledge about public health and do all it can to resist efforts by agents of New World Order to weaken and destroy humanity for selfish gains. May God bless you all.
2 M shiva prasad Professional/scientist/academician India Good attemp
3 Amitav Banerjee Professional/scientist/academician India Much needed platform.
4 vimi rath Professional/scientist/academician India There is an urgent need to develop this kind of a platform in our country. We have very capable indigenous alternate healing practices prevalent which can empower us to handle all kinds of medical emergencies with ease.
5 Dr Gayatri Panditrao Medical practitioner India An Oasis in Desert Very very encouraging Platform for everyone who wants to be part of transparent scientific and inclusive Health Organisation Looking forward with high hopes
6 Sindhu Professional/scientist/academician India Good initiative
7 Rajani Ganesh Concerned citizen India It's not for others to tell how we live our lives. Each one of us are born free and have the right to choose to live free.
8 Jagannath Chatterjee Concerned citizen India
9 H Patel Concerned citizen India Nil
10 Odette Concerned citizen India
11 Arvind Singh Kushwaha Professional/scientist/academician India We need a people oriented health care system free of influence of medical mafia
12 Govindagouda Patil Concerned citizen India
13 Varun Das Concerned citizen India Great initiative
14 Renate Concerned citizen Canada
15 Madhuri Patil Medical practitioner India
16 rosa Concerned citizen India medical transperancy is a must.
17 Goutam Dass Professional/scientist/academician India As a publishing professional, strongly feel that medicine, like all branches of science, should be evidence-based, and not driven by the whims & fancies of big pharma & supposedly “philanthropic” (????) foundations/trusts pushing forward their hidden agenda in connivance with state heads.
18 Haoginlen Chongloi Concerned citizen India
19 Gincy Concerned citizen India
20 Brian Fernandes Concerned citizen India
21 Nandita Jackson Concerned citizen Australia I am so happy that good groups and good people are here! We all need you during these times. Thank you for all the work you do for humanity!
22 Firuzi Mehta Medical practitioner India Corrupt Pharma has to be stopped from ruining our future generations
23 Ruhant kini Concerned citizen India
24 Sudipto Bhakta Concerned citizen India It is high time that a real healthcare oriented transparent, efficient and no nonsense global body is set up to take on a fraudulent entity like WHO who is wrecking havoc with our health.
25 DINABANDHU MAJHI Concerned citizen India
26 Saitej Naidu Concerned citizen India
27 Veena Padmanabhan Concerned citizen India
28 Saurabh singh Concerned citizen India
29 Kajori Aikat Concerned citizen India I agree with the objectives of this organization and believe there is an urgent need to advocate for the health and well-being of the world population so they can make free and informed decisions about their bodies and preserve their sovereignty.
30 taronish mehta Concerned citizen India
31 N S Concerned citizen India
32 Dr Satyanarayan jaiswara Medical practitioner India
33 Pawan Kumar Concerned citizen India
34 Sam George Concerned citizen India An alternative and transparent health platform became a must in the current world. WHO is compromised to the extent that it doesn't care about the reality and mankind. It is just a controlling system corresponding to the funding parties. It's clear that WHO is anti-human and Anti-Truth.
35 Priyadarshan Concerned citizen India Must have ethical health system prioritizing natural remedies and banning vaccine accross the world permanently.
36 Sunil kumar Concerned citizen India I support the concept of UHO. Health and healing naturally and scientifically should be the prime objective of medical education.
37 Vidhya Concerned citizen India
38 Ritesh Agrawal Professional/scientist/academician India
39 Shripad Gudi Concerned citizen India Excellent attempt.
40 Dr.Johnson.S Medical practitioner India
41 Sai Mahesh Vajjala Medical practitioner India I endorse.
42 Gayatri R Nair Medical practitioner India
43 Lokesh Agrawal Concerned citizen India
44 Akshay Sreeraj Concerned citizen India
45 Shamitha Srinivasan Concerned citizen India
46 Deepayan Sahoo Concerned citizen India I studied and researched many thing about global medical systems and I must say that UHO is the final stitch in time.
47 Dr Balwant Singh Medical practitioner Malaysia Health is Basic Human Right Prevention is better than cure Fearless sharing of knowledge
48 Venkatesha Shreehari Concerned citizen India People's Health in People's Hands.
49 Ram Sugandha Concerned citizen India Hello, I am interested in the vision of UHO and i would actively participate in its Mission.
50 Anand singh chauhan Concerned citizen India In today's era so called health care system has nothing to do with health, every human has the right to same treatment irrespective of his social status, my wishes to UHO for the cause.
51 Naresh Chouhan Concerned citizen India Thank you so much for setting up this great orgnization. This is what the humanity want in the current chaotic situation.... Now we can serva & save the humanity in real sense.. We all are with you sir... The Great Start In The History Of Modern Scince.
52 Dr D S L karna Medical practitioner Nepal Evidence based science
53 patrick Michael gibbons Concerned citizen United Kingdom My Health, is my responsibility, when I need help I will ask as I always have. I don't want someone like WHO interfering.
54 Asheem Rath Concerned citizen India Science isn't meant to be TRUSTED it is meant to be TESTED... Somehow over the last 2 years we have seen questions are being sidelined... We need to have a platform where we can address all concerns...
55 Anil Barnwal Concerned citizen India
56 Subash chandra sahu Concerned citizen India
57 Vikash Diwan Concerned citizen India Working against the plandemic and the great reset agenda to derail and sabotage the unfolding New World Order. As part of Awaken India Movement -AIM and Free Earth Alliance -FEA, I am looking forward to work with Universal Health Organisation -UHO in collaborative and inclusive mode.
58 Kumud Concerned citizen India
59 Theresa Rosario Dsouza Concerned citizen India
61 Himanshu Gupt Concerned citizen India
62 Amit NAVALGARIA Concerned citizen India
63 Pallavi TS Concerned citizen India
64 Utpal Concerned citizen India In this age to avoid dictatorship of Health debate this is a very welcome step
65 Amanchi Hari Krishna Concerned citizen India
66 SALIM P A Concerned citizen India
67 Ayyappa Kumar Naidu Concerned citizen India I support UHO vision.
68 SWAPNIL S PARANJAPE Concerned citizen India
69 Jinendra Doshi Professional/scientist/academician India
70 Dr Sukhbindar Singh Sibia Medical practitioner India Best wishes to UHO for the much-needed initiative to promote knowledge in the public interest. We should have a balanced approach to resist the wrong and accept the right irrespective if it is mainstream medicine or any alternate healing practices. Let us promote health with transparency. Keep up the good initiative.
71 Jim Earles Concerned citizen United States of America This is exactly what the world needs! Thank you for working towards implementing this vision.
72 Jaiprakash Panditrao Concerned citizen India This is a great initiative where there is open platform for people to know the truth. They can ask without fear, without any hesitancy. Holistic view of treatment from all pathys can help judge the real seriousness of any pandemic
73 Muhammed AzimUddin Concerned citizen India Having Researched well over a decade about NWO & having explored quite many serious groups... Who striving hard to counter & derail the evils of NWO Agenda,, by re-establishing own holistic systems... I'm all open & supportive of them in letter & spirit. And infact UHO seems one such organisation to feel privileged about. Thanking You.
74 Dipak Sikdar Concerned citizen Botswana
75 Divya Concerned citizen India Blatant misinformation regarding the disease and vaccination needs immediate correction.
76 Mohd Kazim Concerned citizen India Truth and honesty people organisation are must need to by defeat of conspiracy and humiliation organisation such as W.H.O, UNISEF .
77 Mohd Kazim Concerned citizen India Truth and honest people organisation are must need to save the life of every human being for conspiracy of mafia business in the name of CORONA HIV and like other diseases.
78 Mohd kazim Concerned citizen India
79 Tanmaya Sahoo Concerned citizen India With all these have been happening all around the world during Covid-19 Pandemic, It opened eyes of many people like me. We indeed need an Organization to whom we can trust. And I will be happy if one day India leads the global health care system with good people.
80 Dr Vinit Mahendra Shah Medical practitioner India
81 BHABANI PRASAD KAR Concerned citizen India Great
82 Vivek Sharma Concerned citizen India
83 Eugene Ambrose Concerned citizen India Illegal & unethical medical practises that violate the fundermental rights of every citizen needs to be stopped.
84 Krishna Kasturi Concerned citizen India
85 Gurkirpal Singh Maangat Concerned citizen India
86 Senica Professional/scientist/academician Russia
87 Matrujit Mohanty Concerned citizen India
88 Bhupeder singh Professional/scientist/academician India The way vaacination and covid propotocols are forced without any scientific evidences clearly indicates that the authorities are hiding trut. No main stream media covering even a single news against covid, this indicates clearly that they are intentionally hiding something. It is clear that now there is need to have an organization , which can put the truth infront of common man, without being biased by big pharma. Its time to stand together against the authorities to save humanity.
89 Malavi Chaudhari Concerned citizen India
90 Janardan Shukla Concerned citizen India
91 Kavita Shukla Concerned citizen India
92 C N Mistry Concerned citizen India
93 Mahtab Alam Concerned citizen India I beleive Science is two way communication. Q&A, logic, transparency are paramount. But, unfortunately current medical science is being administered by medical mafias and big pharmas/corporates. Any law is not above the common sense. These traps must bhi destroy for the sake of humanity and ethics. Any ethical religion don't teach us to destroy or finish mankind. I wish wellness and happiness for all. Thats why I support this UHO.
94 Niswarth Kochar Concerned citizen India Covid times has seen many unprecedented measures taken by the governments without informing the public about their rationale mostly by exercising emergency powers. The unprecedented measures should have been accompanied by unprecedented research, public debate & transparency. For instance, if certain administration has taken a decision of forcing vaccination, they must first conduct thorough research, analysis & debate on virology and virus isolation.
95 Gautama Professional/scientist/academician India Nuremberg Trial for people who created this Pandemic
96 STEVEN BARNES Concerned citizen India
97 S Sahu Concerned citizen India
98 Ashish panayan Concerned citizen India
99 KIRAN P SHAH Professional/scientist/academician India I 100% support UHO, Need a powerful organization like this to fight WHO, A pharma mafia organization
100 Dr. Abhay Chheda Professional/scientist/academician India
101 Sandeep Mehra Concerned citizen India
102 Jethmal Deora Concerned citizen India We need such honest people's platform. We have suffered during this fake pandemic.
103 Ridhi Sharma Concerned citizen India
104 Dr S. P. Vaze Medical practitioner India
105 Rekha R R Vallam Concerned citizen United Kingdom Many thanks for what you are doing
106 Shihab Concerned citizen India
107 Gowri Concerned citizen India Here is wishing you all the best.
108 Ameeta Sanghavi Shah Medical practitioner India Inviolable bodily autonomy of an individual must be guaranteed! A whole society approach to health is vital There have been & are ongoing currently crimes against humanity in the name of health. UHO is currently desperately needed to combat the mafia like hijacking of our health systems. Natural Healthcare systems need to be given a more central role too.
109 Mahesh Concerned citizen India
110 chirag Concerned citizen India
111 Crossiya Concerned citizen India We have all the rights to get to know the details of any medicine and disease...
112 Salinder Ranga Professional/scientist/academician India
113 Pavani Concerned citizen India
114 Rushil Tamboli Concerned citizen India
115 Lisa Cardoza Concerned citizen Canada
116 Dilip Sharma Concerned citizen India
117 Jose Valentin Pagan Rivera Concerned citizen Puerto Rico Thanks
118 AKHILESH P Concerned citizen India I understand the need for a movement like UHO so it is necessary to bring in the monopoly drug companies, the thieves and the stupid,politicians, the doctors and the ministers.
119 RAKESH MURLIDHAR BENDALE Professional/scientist/academician India I believe Indian philosophy.vedas,culture, ayurvedas, Naturopathy .etc Medicines/ therapies without side effects to human bodies have to be consider globally. My salute and best luck to ur thought of UHO
120 Dr Murtaza Medical practitioner India
121 Jitendra Kumar Ojha Concerned citizen India Good healthcare is the most fundamental ingredient of life. Every human being must have access to nutrition, sanitation and and optimal healthcare.
122 MOUSUMI BISWAS Concerned citizen India An organisation for the people and by the people is the need of the hour to destroy the tyranny overwhelming the world right now.
123 வீரை சு ப இளங்கோ பிள்ளை Concerned citizen India All the best.
124 Pallavi Shinde Concerned citizen India
125 Robert Moffat Concerned citizen Canada I give the UHO my unreserved endorsement. The WHO is obviously a criminal cartel run by psychopaths.
126 Hussain Concerned citizen Singapore
127 Kanchan jyoti pal Professional/scientist/academician India I am in a medical related profession. I studied day to day medical updates and analysis . So i joined here.
128 Manoj Vaswani Concerned citizen India Great Work .. How do we help spread the word ?
129 Dr Khadar Professional/scientist/academician India I agree we need this vision for future generations
130 Dolly Concerned citizen India Let’s put an end to this fraud.
131 George Bruno Concerned citizen India
132 கோபிநாத் சம்பத் Professional/scientist/academician India Consent by Understanding UHO will be another platform to discuss & act for public(health) issues.
133 V SAMUNDI Concerned citizen India
134 Ajmal Jaleel Concerned citizen India
135 A. Durai Concerned citizen India
136 Mona Professional/scientist/academician India I support this endeavour wholeheartedly! 🙏🏻
137 Amit Pawar Professional/scientist/academician India UHO is the need of the hour. The organization (AIM) did wonders to wake up & educate people against the commercialization of medical field, false claims & how the medical mafia work but sadly very few woke up. After spending 24 years in medical field, I can tell you that there was nothing called as COVID-19. It was a narrative built by the mafias for commercial gains with the help of 3 Nations. It can be treated for merely Rs.500 without a single death. All the best UHO.
138 Mona Professional/scientist/academician India I support this endeavour wholeheartedly! 🙏🏻
139 Kannan Concerned citizen India
140 Tresa Sherry Concerned citizen India
141 paul Concerned citizen India
142 Dr Balakrishna poduval Professional/scientist/academician India Such movements are necessary and I wish great success for the endeavour.
143 Asharaf Concerned citizen India Acupnture
144 Asharaf Concerned citizen India Acupnture
145 sridhar nadar Professional/scientist/academician India Nice initiative!! Will support the social cause
146 Mathews M. J. Concerned citizen India Great Aim
147 Dr Susan Raj Professional/scientist/academician India UHO will ensure the freedom of health
148 Kavita C Concerned citizen India Science is all about proof, truth and not manipulation!
149 Mallika Concerned citizen India We must push back. It has nothing to do with health
151 POPATLAL SAVLA Concerned citizen India THANK YOU ALL
152 Manobalan Concerned citizen India
153 Geetanjali nath Concerned citizen India Yes , we should have transparent and well informed medical procedures.
154 Niswarth Kochar Concerned citizen India
155 Patricia Callisperis Medical practitioner Bolivia
156 Pablo Rivera Medical practitioner Mexico Thank you for allowing me to be part of UHO
157 Oscar Hamasaki Medical practitioner Mexico
158 Augusto Acconciagioco Professional/scientist/academician United States of America Ay the beginning of the pandemic WHO is Aline with the big pharmaceutical they play with fear and painful family tragedy to lose someone. Human been have de capacity to healing by itself and speed up the process with herbs, meditation, reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Homiopatia, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, Sintergetics, etc.
159 Pooja Concerned citizen India May Lord Bless This Health Organization...
160 Brahmnidhi Sharma Concerned citizen India
161 Héctor Ciavaldini Medical practitioner Venezuela
162 Dominic Fernandez Professional/scientist/academician India Need of this Hour ... to bring Light to the World ... and, dispel the Lies and Corruption of WHO !!!
163 Dr Sougat Ray Professional/scientist/academician India Sir, would like to endorse and join
164 Dr. Akhilesh Sahu Medical practitioner India Holistic Healthcare System is a need of the society, Healing is natural phenomenon, will be achieved through Universal Health Organization.
165 Kamna Concerned citizen India I do believe that taking pills for every ill is wrong. Body has it's own healing capacity and process. Vaccination should not be mandatory. Throughout the World, there are forms for Exemptions, but here Doctors have been 'asked' not to give Exemptions even in case of Medical conditions. Officials have given Orders to vaccinate 100% staff.
166 Vintee Concerned citizen India I am for freedom to make informed choice
167 Pranay Goel Professional/scientist/academician India
168 Dr Shalesh Rohatgi Medical practitioner India
169 Mauricio QUIÑONEZ MENDOZA Medical practitioner Ecuador La humanidad esta en un punto de inflexión, la plandemia ha revelado el lado más oscuro de la especie humana que involucran a ciertos profesionales de la salud como agentes de este desastre sanitario
170 Gautam Das Medical practitioner India
171 Rajesh Kumar Lenka Concerned citizen India The points mentioned by UHO is valid and genuine. People health and immunity should have natural healing process, since our body has the potential to do so rather depending on artificial means.
172 Amalorpavanathan Concerned citizen India I am here to learn more
173 Ashutosh pathak Professional/scientist/academician India It's a great Ray of hope to save the science and humanity
174 Omkar Concerned citizen India It is very sad to say that we all are mental slave and very difficult to find a way of freedom.
175 Anshika Kushwaha Medical practitioner India
176 Anshika Kushwaha Medical practitioner India
177 Simona Goel Concerned citizen India Want to join ur platform of uho we wrongly taken botty by dispensary calls by doctors though i have doubt but they called no of times. But through ur vdu i become more aware i want to protect my children in class of my son it's i alone who fwd ur vdu to teacher s i asked not mandatory to have botty now
178 Maya Valecha Concerned citizen India All The best!
179 Devavrat sinha Concerned citizen India Sabse Pahle- Qvive chanel ko Mera Dil Namaskaar Aashutosh Pathak Sir ....... Thankyou Aur Hamaare Sabhi Expert Dr Sir Ko Dil Se Naman Aam Public Ko Sahi Guide Karne Ke Liye .......Amitab Ban, Arvind K, Veena Raghav, Adv Nilesh Sir ,AIM , Adv Sahil , Devendra Balhara, Yohan ...... Mujhe Itna khushi Ho Raha hai......UHO
180 Anand Agarwal Medical practitioner India
181 Chavali Venkata Laxminarasimha Phani Concerned citizen India
182 Dr Girinaadh Sharma Medical practitioner India
183 Jagannath Chatterjee Concerned citizen India
184 Krishna murthy Concerned citizen India Support
185 D V Suresh Concerned citizen India Transperancy and accountability is lacking in pharma and hospital industry.
186 Dr Lalit kumar Anande Professional/scientist/academician India
187 Arun Ekbote Concerned citizen India
188 kshitij kumar Concerned citizen India
189 Dr Alok Chopra Medical practitioner India Important , essential , great initiative
190 Naseer Concerned citizen India
191 Jayanth Concerned citizen India
192 Ansuman Mishra Concerned citizen India
193 Albert Y Zacharia Concerned citizen India
194 Dr Arul Medical practitioner India
195 Sayed Tahir Hassan Medical practitioner India Real science has to be promoted with all the zest. Current scenario is being thrown at us and this is highly manipulated science to suit the political directives and these are all to be condemned. Happy to endorse the efforts of UHO.
196 Rashmi Cabena Medical practitioner Australia Wishing authentic health advice prevails.
197 Dr Praveen Saxena Medical practitioner India Need to have a transparency I'm a doctor working for social responsibility
198 Biswajit Roy Concerned citizen India Objectives are of real concern
199 Srinivasa Gupta Medical practitioner India
200 Sr Dinesh Raj Medical practitioner India
201 Dr Lenny Da Costa Medical practitioner India
202 Mustak Alam Concerned citizen India Love this idea.
203 Mehfooz Alam Concerned citizen India
204 SRAVAN RAPARTHI Concerned citizen India
205 Arvind Bhardwaj Medical practitioner India Strongly endorse the vision and views of the uho. Willing to support your effort. I am an allopathic doctor superannuated from defense services, now working in CGHS. Regards, Dr Arvind Bhardwaj
206 Dr Shalesh Rohatgi Medical practitioner India I strongly support the views expressed on this forum
207 Rashmika Lachman Professional/scientist/academician United Kingdom
208 Sathya Prakash Concerned citizen India
209 Joaquim Gomes Concerned citizen India
210 Dhanya Cherian Concerned citizen India
211 Shwetha Concerned citizen India
212 Krishna Prasad Concerned citizen India I fully agree with the issue of informed consent and I have watched the interviews of the respected and esteemed doctors as well as other professionals of this group.
213 Anil Ratnam Concerned citizen India Promote alternate natural healing, prevention and cure methods and less dependence on modern medicine and poisonous drugs forced on people by the pharma cartel.
214 Chandra Vikash Concerned citizen India Our role as Peace Mediators Protectors and Healers for the whole world including the state actors and their nexus with power elite in corporate media medical mafia NGO academia and elsewhere. We need #MassFormationForLoveNCompassion to win over #MassFormationPsychosis.
215 Eugene Sia Medical practitioner New Zealand
216 Ajit Chand Bhandari Concerned citizen India
217 M. G Mahendra Kumar Concerned citizen India
218 Anil Kumar Concerned citizen India
219 Test Concerned citizen India
220 Dr Falguni Prabhu Gaitonde Medical practitioner India
221 MOHIT PANT Concerned citizen India
222 lalita Concerned citizen India
223 Prof. (Dr.). Pradeep MK Nair Professional/scientist/academician India
224 Rammy Concerned citizen India
225 Dr Anitha Ram Medical practitioner India Wonderful initiative. Need of the hour. Time US based organisations WHO, CDC are sidelined. Though I did have a high regard for them before plandemic. We need to become a majority soon. Put pressure on the government. Do let me know if I can be of any help. Thank you 🙏
226 Nitin Ram Professional/scientist/academician India
227 Raksha Kurdekar Concerned citizen India
228 Akshay j Concerned citizen India
229 Shadab Khan Concerned citizen India
230 Shilpa Concerned citizen India
231 V Divya Shri Concerned citizen India .......
232 Suma Concerned citizen India
233 Varun Mohan Concerned citizen India Stop corruption to the whole world.
234 Sanath kumar Concerned citizen India
235 Karthik Chemmala Concerned citizen India
236 Venkatesha N Concerned citizen India
237 Sivakumar.y Concerned citizen India
238 Sanath kumar Concerned citizen India
239 Keshav Murthy Concerned citizen India I would like to join
240 Venkat Concerned citizen India
241 Sindhu Thomas Concerned citizen India Like to be a part of U H O
242 Shilpa Concerned citizen India
243 Sharnappa Concerned citizen India
244 Sivakumar Concerned citizen India
245 Pevi Pious Concerned citizen India
246 Lavanya Concerned citizen India
247 Mohammed ismail Concerned citizen India
248 Arun Kumar Concerned citizen India
249 Sheo Vivek Professional/scientist/academician India I am a Political science Assistant Professor in Bihar.
250 Jay ladkat Concerned citizen India
251 Reuben Concerned citizen India
252 Abhay Nandan Concerned citizen India It is a very good platform and necessary for all.It will help common citizen to know more about carona and to fight against its bad impact in the society. It will help to make people fearless and to help one another .
253 Samudra Sood Concerned citizen India In today's time, such collective initiatives are without question, the single most important step that we need to take - immediately.
254 Ashutosh singh Concerned citizen India
256 Ruby Pandey Concerned citizen India I support the vision of UHO
257 Manish Bhandari Concerned citizen India
258 Subha Rath Concerned citizen United Kingdom
259 Amit kp Concerned citizen India
260 Vivek Concerned citizen India It's a good step
261 Vivek Bhambhu Concerned citizen India It's a good step
262 Sayed shah Medical practitioner India Support truth
263 Mayuri Lagad Concerned citizen India Great Initiative.
264 Aparna Lagad Concerned citizen India The best way to predict the future is to create it. So this is a Good work done by UHO.
265 MOLA SINGH Concerned citizen India Appreciate each and every effort of all Members. Thank to all.
266 Benedicta Mary Concerned citizen India As a seeker of truth ,sincerely appreciate your efforts and good will. it is the need for the future generation.
267 Cynthia Ghodke Concerned citizen India Being an Concerned Citizen of Nation It's my Duty to Support for the Rights of Citizens. With Transperancy & Good Governance.
268 Ana Professional/scientist/academician Mexico
269 Dr. Anurag Verma Medical practitioner India
270 Reshma R Madhu Concerned citizen India As a citizen parent and above all a human being I believe am responsible for everything that's happening around me...hence a movement such as this would definitely allow me to deliver my duties better
271 Madhu Raghavan Professional/scientist/academician India This organisation is the need of the hour
272 Saji Hameed Professional/scientist/academician Japan I am very glad to see this initiative develop in India. I am a professor of climate science, working in Japan, but a citizen of India. I look forward to working with everyone to defend basic human rights.
273 Mohammad Intekhab Alam Chand Professional/scientist/academician India
274 Dr Medical practitioner India
275 Purushottam Ainapur Professional/scientist/academician India A great achievement. Spread the truth.
276 Dr HARK Medical practitioner India I have my wholehearted support to the Universal Health Organization and endorse for their TEA....
277 Ameeta Shah Professional/scientist/academician India I endorse the scientific unbiased knowledge that UHO shares for prevention & cure for health care, building our immune systems, handling infectious diseases, treatment protocols for disease and creating safe healthy happy communities. Particularly of concern is that UHO does not unnecessarily create fear nor push health & life harming mandates of these past 2 years. UHO considers not just laboratory models & helped people to restore holistic truth based & common sense protocols
278 Bidyut Concerned citizen India
279 Claude Veigas Concerned citizen India
280 BRIJ Bhushan Concerned citizen India
281 Nittan Bhatia Concerned citizen India
282 Hari hatila Concerned citizen India बंद करो फर्जी सरकारी महामारी का ढोंग
283 Geetha Srihari Concerned citizen India We are very proud that this organisation is working for humanity and working for saving the lives of people working relentlessly for truth and freedom of expression and to bring health in the hands of people through extensive experience, knowledge and research
284 Rakesh Gupta Professional/scientist/academician India
285 Purushottam Ainapur Professional/scientist/academician India UHO may be David in front of WHO which is a Goliath but ultimately it is UHO which is going to win because it is in service of humanity.
286 Dr Kanan Bhardwaj Concerned citizen India
287 Sushma Concerned citizen India Nothing
288 Daniel J. Harding, PE Concerned citizen United States of America Finally, a medical organization whose focus is health and truth... instead of pills and profits!
289 Karl Koerper MD Medical practitioner United States of America
290 patricia bowman Concerned citizen Canada I'm in Montreal Quebec,Canada and believe we need hybrid common law courts to get justice because our police/military are not arresting the powers that be in our government/big pharma who continue to force the chemical jabs on us. THIS IS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Thank you for what you do.
291 Dr R K Kaushik Professional/scientist/academician India There had been many mistakes by WHO in carrying out containing COVID-19. There must be a fresh protocol in consultation with medical private and official medical doctors to avoi many ambiguities.
292 Paul Albornoz Medical practitioner Ecuador Thanks for the initiative. An opportunity to show the world the legacy of Bharat,from the Vedas, so to return to the human way of life and solve the problems created by the sophisticated animal way of life we experience today. Namaste
293 Paul Albornoz Concerned citizen Ecuador Thanks for the initiative. An opportunity to show the world the legacy of Bharat,from the Vedas, so to return to the human way of life and solve the problems created by the sophisticated animal way of life we experience today. Namaste
294 藤原一正 Concerned citizen Japan Covid19ワクチンの有害事象に重大な懸念を支持し、ワクチンの中止を求めます。
295 Fedros Savvopoulos Medical practitioner Cyprus Being a holistic doctor, cytologist, Biochemist, and nutritionist, I fully support your efforts. In addition, i would like to join UHO asap. In cyprus i am actively involved with protocols concerning vaccinated clients in order to save lifes!!!
296 Balwan singh Concerned citizen India यह लोग करोना का नाम लेकर लोगों को जबरन मार रहे हैं यह बहुत ही दुख दायक है
297 Nitesh Kumar Professional/scientist/academician India Bharat has always been pioneer of human rights animal welfare and lovd and respect for the environmental. Sanatan Vedic Literatures teach us to follow Dharma..Satya or Truth is the foremost..Being true to the Vedic Way of Life and to Oneself at the same time.
298 Rohit Garodia Concerned citizen India
299 Purushottam Ainapur Professional/scientist/academician India A great initiative. Need to be supported by all right thinking individuals.
300 Narad Muni Tiwari Professional/scientist/academician India जनहित में जोभी कदम हो उठाया जाना चाहिए|
301 Srijit Mishra Professional/scientist/academician India
302 SANKARAN MANIPUZHA Professional/scientist/academician India Best Wishes to UHO
303 SANKARAN MANIPUZHA Professional/scientist/academician India Best Wishes to UHO - Medical Science is NOT Health Science.
304 Dr M G VIJAYAKUMAR Concerned citizen India
305 Rajasekhar Manda Concerned citizen India
306 Pushparajan P V Concerned citizen India Awaiting awareness on *True science of living body function. *Health,Ill Health *Cause and Effect Theory of Diseases *Roll of Medicine in curing Diseases *Energy conservation and *Toxin elimination ect. *Scientific Treatment System
307 Dr.Bilkis H. Kajliwala Medical practitioner United States of America
308 VENKITESWARAN K S Concerned citizen India I am a qualified Naturopath. I appreciate the activities of UHO.
309 Zakeer Hussain J Concerned citizen India
310 Aditya Shukla Concerned citizen India Thanks
311 Ramkrishna Kumar Ray Concerned citizen India Great work towards Indian Citizen. We support Awaken India, Dr Bishwaroop Roy, Dr Devendra Balhara, Ashutosh Pathak. All you are super hero. All the Best.
312 JET LEE HONHAGA Concerned citizen India ALL THE BEST
313 Vikas Nangia Concerned citizen India I want stand and oppose what govt. Is doing i want to b their , u guys are doing a magnificent work for humanity. I want to be part of your organization in any manner.
314 Devi Prasad Malviya Concerned citizen India
315 Devi Prasad Malviya Concerned citizen India
316 Kumud Concerned citizen India
317 Raghuveer Sharan Shrivastava Concerned citizen United Kingdom WHO kee bajaay ab mujhe UHO par bharosaa hone lagaa hai. Maine aur mere parivaar ne aaj date 10.5.2023 tak bhee vaccine naheen lee hai. Kyonki main coronaa kaal se UHO ke vaastvik deshbhakton ke videos bhee dekhtaa rahaa hoon. Kaee sangthan apne apne tareeke se asatya ke virodh main sangharsh kar rahe hain. Mujhe iskaa pataa hai. Mujhe to Vikaas deevaan jee bhee pasand hain, to Devender balhara jee kee team bhee pasand hai. Mujhe to AIM teams bhee pasand hai. (+91-9753219048).
318 Shanti Uppal Concerned citizen Netherlands
319 Vipin Bhatia Concerned citizen India It is extremely important that there is a mass movement to close WHO.
320 Raghuveer Sharan Shrivastava Concerned citizen India Mujhe U.H.O. par bharosaa hai. UHO ke log mujhe achchhe insaan prateet hue hain. Meraa mat hai ki UHO jantaa kaa sachchaa hitaishee hai. Mere man main UHO ke prati bahut sraddhaa bhaav hai. UHO kee team ko meraa saadar naman, vandan. (+91-9753219048), Madhyapradesh. (India).
321 Mahesh Chandra Professional/scientist/academician India Radhe Radhe. I am phd in Yog.I am agree with UHO and I can help in mission also... Thanks
322 Andrew Parfitt Concerned citizen United States of America
323 Dr Mohanan Pulikodan Medical practitioner India It is too late to initiated an organization. WHO represents business interest.
324 Muhammed Irshad Medical practitioner India Happy to know about this new organisation, and will be more happy to work together in future
325 Bhaskaran Raman Professional/scientist/academician India Transparency, Empowerment, Accountability
326 GAINDLAL Chandrakar Concerned citizen India
327 Dharmaniranjan patra Concerned citizen India Working towards the eradication of foreign influence from our daily life
328 Magan Bhai Gopal Bhai Daraniya Concerned citizen India
329 Balram dubey Concerned citizen India
330 Sukanta Chakraborty Concerned citizen India The formation of UHO representing 99% of the World population has put an end to the the requirements of WHO representing less than 1% of the World population !!!!!
331 Kshitij Sharad supekar Concerned citizen India
332 Kshitij Sharad supekar Concerned citizen India
333 Raju Concerned citizen India My son and daughter both suffered from covid vaccination
335 Aditya Naik Concerned citizen India
336 Pragnesh Mehta Concerned citizen India
337 Chandra Bhushan Sharma Concerned citizen India
338 Rohit Khanna Concerned citizen India
339 KS Concerned citizen India
340 Raghavendra Kamath Concerned citizen India Great work...keep going.
341 PRAVINKUMAR DAL Concerned citizen India
342 Lakshminarasimha Sharma M C Concerned citizen India
343 Chandrakant Mistry Concerned citizen India I found negative role of WHO during recent corona period. In fact WHO is working for pharma mafia not for common people. For Bharat it is neccessary to form our own Bharatiya health organization. And I'm sure UHO is most entitle to fulfill/achive this goal.
344 Gajendra Kumar Jena Concerned citizen India The world is lucky to have professionals like you all.
345 Madhuri Patil Medical practitioner India
346 Pooja Concerned citizen India It is great to have an organization like this dedicated to health. There is a need for a group of doctors, scientists, and citizens to join together, recognize the truth, and ensure that a false pandemic does not occur again.
347 SWARNADITYA DAS Concerned citizen India Let's reboot the system.
348 Aditya Chavan Concerned citizen India Interested for Annual membership
349 Dr Simran Anand Medical practitioner India
350 Abhishek Abhishek Professional/scientist/academician India
351 A K Azad Concerned citizen India
352 Raghuveer Sharan Shrivastava Concerned citizen India Ab mujhe WHO kee bajaay UHO par vishvaas hone lagaa hai.
353 Dolly Mody Concerned citizen India
354 Dr.Saurabh Mishra Medical practitioner India
355 Dr Himani Goswami Medical practitioner India
356 Dr.Anurag Verma Medical practitioner India I have been as a student of Dr Park , a global and all inclusive inquisitive approach to medicine as a vocation. Rationality is my keystone. Open to all paths of healing and promoting well-being at man and environmental level. Appreciate efforts of UHO and Awaken India movement to uphold truth justice and Rationality in all walks of life.
357 Rama Debnath Concerned citizen India We support you to spread awarness on WHO Bullishness
358 Arvind Singh Kushwaha Professional/scientist/academician India
359 Ashwajeet Ramdas Patil Concerned citizen India
360 Dr Saurabh Mishra Medical practitioner India
361 NAYANKUMAR GOVINDLAL TADVI Concerned citizen India
362 Purushottam Professional/scientist/academician India A commendable effort to counter WHO. Bringing out Truth against falsity. Daring.
363 Dr Hemant Khatri Medical practitioner India All the Best to UHO to take reigns of the world's Health....
364 Dr. Akhilesh Sahu Medical practitioner India Nice Initiative, keep it up...
365 Kumud Concerned citizen India
366 Jagannath Chatterjee Concerned citizen India
367 Rakesh Professional/scientist/academician India
368 Madhuri Patil Medical practitioner India
369 Dr Arvind Bhardwaj Medical practitioner India Paid Rs 5,000/- for the cause. Would like to support the organization in whatever manner possible
370 Dr Arvind Bhardwaj Medical practitioner India Paid Rs 5,000/- for the cause. Would like to support the organization in whatever manner possible
371 Geetha Srihari Concerned citizen India Grateful for the tremendous work you are doing to bring out the truth regarding vaccination and guiding people for a better health and wellness
372 BHABANI PRASAD KAR Concerned citizen India Go ahead.u people are Inspiration.
373 Sunil Shah Medical practitioner Nepal
374 Nisha Talreja Concerned citizen India I will be happy to be a member of nice organisation
375 Dr. Kamal Dhawan Medical practitioner India Be your own Doctor. Let the food be your medicine and medicine be your food.
376 Sai Mahesh Vajjala Medical practitioner India
377 G R Vora Professional/scientist/academician India Best wishes to all the core team members of AIM and UHO.
378 Jaiprakash Panditrao Concerned citizen India I highly recommend UHO who is making people aware about various health related aspects scientifically. I have already endorsed earlier too and now would like to apply for non-voting membership.
379 Raghuveer Sharan Shrivastava Concerned citizen India WHO kee bajaay ab mujhe UHO pasand hai.
380 Abhijit Mukherjee Concerned citizen India
381 Srinivas P Concerned citizen India
382 Dr Gayatri Panditrao Medical practitioner India
383 Shashikant Vishwakarma Concerned citizen India
384 Amitav Banerjee Professional/scientist/academician India Founder Member of UHO
385 Srijit Mishra Professional/scientist/academician India
386 Dr. Manoj Chakravarty Professional/scientist/academician India The greatest act of violation of human rights, medical ethics including personal autonomy, and mandated/coerced use of an untested experimental gene therapy substance in without informed consent, must be investigated and those held responsible must be held accountable, even prosecuted.
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394 Dr.kailash Malviya Medical practitioner India
395 Dr.Deviprasad Malviya Medical practitioner India
396 Dr.D.P.Malviya Medical practitioner India
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