Comments by UHO members at WHO meeting for Pandemic Treaty, 21 Feb 2024

Spoken Comments by Dr Maya Valecha


"First of all, to understand the issue, I would like to describe the role of WHO during the disease in relation to the vaccine particularly. WHO website itself mentions that Covid IFR was less than 0.05% below the age of 70 years. So, why this so much hue and cry was created for vaccine particularly and other products as well. Whatever sero-surveys, whereever it was done, for example in India, I am from India, 60 to 80 % of people had antibodies in their blood before the roll out. Why this panic for vaccine? Number two, WHO experts should know that people were producing IgG, that is from immune memory, this was no novel virus. So, this is the role of WHO I am trying to say."
"European Journal of Epidemiology has published data that vaccine rollout and cases and death rate after the roll out are not connected. On the contrary, more the countries were vaccinated more cases and more deaths happened afterwards. On the contrary African countries with less vaccination, take the example of Nigeria, after the roll out, that very small roll out, there was no increase. Why do we want them to take vaccine after all? What we want to say is, does WHO disseminate this real scientific information? People want Nutrition… interruption… Could this be under pharma pressure like Swine-Flu about which already the report had come? So, we do not want Treaty, we do not want vaccine."

Written Comments by Dr Gayatri Panditrao

"I will like to comment on recent statement made by WHO, that WHO has no power, and hence did not impose anything on anyone during pandemic. But when WHO works as advisory organisation, still countries tend to take them literally as mandates to safe guard themselves just like WHO, these things have devastating immediate as well as long term implications on society in general. So ACCOUNTABILITY should have been part of WHO governance along with member states. We do not want to sign treaty and be accountable for our own member state."

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