The Lockdown and Covid Response Museum: Sample Entries

Malnourished children shall remain hungry

    • Uttar Pradesh, India

    Community kitchen shut

    "the ... administration has disallowed the functioning of a community kitchen"

    • India

    115 Million Children Risk Malnutrition Due To COVID-19 Pandemic: India Child Well-being Report

    "According to India Child Well-being Report 2020, released by World Vision India, many children in the country are no longer having three meals a day and many are missing school mid-day meals"

Kids shall not play

    • Maharashtra, India

    DO NOT send children to play

    "DO NOT send children to play in common areas"

    • Maharashtra, India

    No recreation for children

    "Please invest time in keeping your children engaged at home, so that they do not indulge in recreational group activity outside."

Kids are super-spreader bio-hazards

    • Maharashtra, India

    "Kids are super-spreaders of virus"

    "the decision to allow them (or anyone) to mingle should be taken based on how much risk they pose to the community"

    • Texas, USA

    Mother puts own son in car trunk

    ...the concerned judge found "no reason to charge" the mother...

    • California, USA

    Children blamed for death of elderly

    “Children apologize to their dying elders for spreading COVID-19 as L.A. County reels”

Children shall forfeit their right to education

    • India

    Where does one go, if not to the Supreme Court on denial of fundamental right to education?

    "We cannot say by the judicial diktat to send them to school disregarding the possibility of a third wave; vaccination is going on..."

    • Maharashtra, India

    A Mountain of Myths: Between Kids and Their Education

    "Children have to time-share the available devices, and even while in session, the problem of lack of interaction means that understanding remains poor"

Children's education subject to a mass medical experiment

    • Kerala, India


    Children shall forfeit their right to education, until mass medical experiment

    In response to an appeal to reopen schools in early July 2021, the Kerala government responded in mid October 2021, implying in effect that schools can be reopened only after children have been "vaccinated" with the emergency-use product, although there was never a Covid-19 medical emergency for children anywhere in the world.

    • Chandigarh, India


    Physical school only for "vaccinated" children

    "to protect the unvaccinated children... restrict the unvaccinated children in the age group of 12 years to 18 years from attending the classes in physical mode w.e.f. 04.05.2022"
    Context: By then it was clear that the medical experiment was failing. After initial claims of high efficacy, the same had waned after just a few months, to even negative values. Even the definition of "fully vaccinated" was being changed to include a booster dose. Further, there was never a Covid-19 medical emergency for children anywhere in the world.

Thou shalt not eke out a living

    • Kerala, India


    Fishermen eking out a living face machine gun weilding commandos

    "If people are found roaming out unnecessarily, they will be put in ambulances with the help of commandos and taken to quarantine centres"

Victims of misinformed consent & manufactured consent

    • Tamil Nadu, India

    Misinformed consent

    Karunya passed away after four weeks of hospitalization following her first Covid-19 jab. Ironically, there was never a Covid-19 medical emergency for healthy 20-year olds, anywhere in the world. Further, many countries of Europe had stopped AstraZeneca in the younger age-groups in Apr 2021 itself, due to safety issues.

Children's smiles shall be hidden

Virus avoidance extreme

    • Haryana, India

    Mother locks herself & son for 3 years

    "Gurugram woman locked herself, son in home fearing Covid for 3 years; rescued"

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