Children and Corona

Dr Maya Valecha, MD, DGO, Vadodara, Gujarat
09 Apr 2022

If want to stop the future of our children being ruined, it is time to wake up and stir the ignorant, unscientific (government) machinery.

It has been proved by many studies and by practical experience in some countries where schools, even day-care centres for the kids were not closed and children were not forced masks or distancing and still nothing happened to them.

In the first week of May the results of an Australian study showed that children get very mild Corona if at all they get and they don't even spread. And after coming from school, they don't affect the elders at home. (1)

The schools started in Denmark in the first week of September without mask for Teachers or children and without distancing. Nothing happened to anybody there. (2)

The report from Maharashtra in August also said that the children below 20 years don't get severe Corona a very low death rate and that too in the children having diabetes, heart disease or such major underlying illness. (3)

As such it's true for all others that mask don't make any difference on the coronavirus spread but a study in Germany has found that children have negative psychological effects by wearing mask. (4, 5)

Just on 9th March the minister for children in UK said that children are not forced to wear mask or follow distancing in the school. (6)

On 28 January 2021 study in USA has again proved that Corona becomes serious only in the children having diabetes heart disease or any such other disease.

The report from Mayo clinic in USA also says the same. (7, 8)

The example of Sweden is very important. They never closed the schools children never had masks and distancing. Nothing happened, anything to anybody there. (9)

The Economist articles between April and November showed that their earning capacity will be reduced when these children will be 30 years of age who have lost so much of school time. (10)

Because children felt lonely in the absence of schools, psychological illnesses and even suicide was seen. (11)

Reports from many places showed that they tested thousands of students without any symptoms and even if one child had positive report the whole school was closed. The officers were saying that they had not instructed this. So total chaos was going on.

UNICEF had said in December, 2020 that closing schools during pandemic was the biggest mistake. There is no relation between Pandemic and schools functioning. (12)

Experts have again confirmed that Letting children catch Covid may be safer than giving them vaccine, say experts. Allowing children to catch Covid may be better than exposing them to the "risk" of vaccines, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has said.

Professor Robert Dingwall said children may be “better protected by natural immunity generated through infection than by asking them to take the ‘possible’ risk of a vaccine”. (13)

This is messing up with our children's future. Online education is offered 2 to 3 years old children! This is not sensible. We can't just keep mum.

Let's all collect together and give memorandum to the government, collector and ask them to start the schools regularly, looking at all these scientific evidences. Children don't need mask, they don't need distancing. It is our responsibility to see that their present and future are not spoiled.


Dr Maya Valecha, MD, DGO, Vadodara, Gujarat