Covid-19 treatments

Disclaimer: This page provides links to various studies to encourage open discussion and critique. UHO has not independently medically evaluated the linked studies.

UHO does not endorse any intervention which has not been established scientifically

UHO stands for transparency and freedom of scientific expression. Owing to this ethos, viewpoints from all quarters are entertained and displayed in a transparent manner on our website.

While establishing benefit of any treatment or prevention is difficult, it can be most challenging in a disease like Covid-19 where across all age groups the median infection fatality is estimated at 0.3% ( In a country like India, with younger and leaner population, it is estimated to be still lower at 0.17% (

Whatever treatment or prevention is advocated by an individual clinician the success rate of preventing death would be well over 99%, giving the treating or intervening doctor an impression of high efficacy for that particular intervention.

For diseases with a higher fatal outcome, say, over 10% ascertaining efficacy of any treatment or intervention is easier but not for Covid-19 which is mostly self-limiting.

The UHO therefore does not endorse any views expressed regarding treatment or prevention of Covid-19. However, it encourages debate and discussion on such issues.

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